Type 2 Diabetes

A simple, informative, readable guide for anyone who wants to try and reverse their type 2 diabetes

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The Story

How a Fat Middle-Aged Man Lost 31 Kilos and Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

When I first got my type 2 diagnosis I was told it was a ‘lifelong’ condition and I’d probably be on the pills for life.  I assumed it was a progressive illness with no chance of remission – so what was the point of doing anything about it?

But after several years of just taking the pills I rebelled and became my own lab-rat. Over 5 months I dropped 31 kg (a quarter of my body weight) in an attempt to get rid of the internal fat that was compromising my natural insulin function.  And it worked! No more meds. Normal blood glucose scores, normal blood pressure, normal total cholesterol levels and normal triglyceride scores.

I did it by completely ignoring the public health dietary advice that encourages us to eat plenty of starchy carbohydrates and low-fat foods.  The five principles that dominated my approach to dealing with my diagnosis were to:

  • cut out as many carbohydrates as possible – that means no potatoes, cereals, pasta, biscuits, cakes, bread or rice at all for the entire period of the diet
  • get rid of all refined sugars
  • limit daily calorie intake in the short-term through portion control
  • increase average daily water consumption
  • and moderately increase my levels of daily physical activity.

Conquer Type 2 Diabetes is the story of a journey to recovery.  If you want to understand how to combat this disease – and change your lifestyle for good – CONQUER TYPE 2 DIABETES reveals the key steps to follow.  The book includes a simple, straightforward action plan, a host of tips and tricks for managing a weight-loss regime and 40 delicious low-carb recipes for food lovers.

If I can do it, you can too.

700 New diabetes diagnosis every day in the UK
5,000,000 Estimated people with type 2 diabetes in the UK by 2025
-58% Reduced chance of pre-diabetes through weight loss and increased physical activity
86% Participants in a clinical study who achieved remission from type 2 diabetes by losing more than 15kg of their body weight
The Book

Science now tells us that, for many people, it may be possible to reverse a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, restore your blood glucose scores to normal, come off medications and take back control of your life.

Along with 1000’s of others I conquered this disease by getting rid the internal fat that affected my internal organs and compromised my insulin function.

CONQUER TYPE 2 DIABETES is a simple, informative, readable guide for anyone who wants to take a shot at reversing this life-changing condition.

In the last few years the idea of people reversing type 2 diabetes has become a worldwide movement. Many thousands of people have done it, and the good news is spreading. All over the globe people are successfully challenging their illness and sharing their experiences with others.

It takes willpower and commitment and it won’t work for everyone, but if you don’t try you’ll never know.

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“As a GP working in the NHS myself, I’ll be using Richard’s example to show patients with diabetes who really want to change and improve their health, and even if they don’t, that it is possible in many cases to take control of their health and conquer type 2 diabetes.” Dr CHARLOTTE MENDES DA COSTA, MRCGP MFHom

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